AudioQuest Introduces Made-for-iPod…

AudioQuest Introduces Made-for-iPod…

AudioQuest Introduces Made-for-iPodé/iPadé/iPhoneé USB Digital Interconnects
Irvine, Calif.é March 10, 2012


10 years ago Appleé introduced the iPod, and changed the way the world listens to its music. The iPhone and iPad followed the iPod’s wild success, and today’s consumer electronics are evidence of this new digital lifestyle: iPod/iPhone/iPad- compatible USB inputs are now seen on everything from AV receivers to car stereos.


AudioQuest is pleased to announce it now offers 5 low-distortion USB digital interconnects specifically made for all of Apple’s iOS devices. As with all audio sources, reducing cable-induced distortion allows more dynamic, more intelligible and more emotionally provocative sound from iOS-compatible electronics.


AudioQuest’s USB cables minimize distortion (primarily timing errors) by incorporating a variety of proven design techniques, superior materials, and high-precision construction. Solid conductors completely eliminate strand interaction distortion. As all audio cables, analog and digital, are sensitive to metal’s drawing direction, the signal-carrying conductors are controlled for directionality.


a�?Foresta�? uses solid Long-Grain Copper conductors, a�?Cinnamona�? introduces the cost-effective performance advantages of precision silver-plating, a�?Carbona�? quadruples the amount of silver to 5% and introduces silver-plated contacts, a�?Coffeea�? further doubles the silver to 10% and employs AQ’s patented Dielectric-Bias System (DBS) with its proven ability to reduce insulation-induced timing errors. Finally, there’s a�?Diamond,a�? which is the culmination of AudioQuest’s decades of experience in designing and manufacturing digital audio cables. Diamond includes every beneficial feature and technique in the AudioQuest arsenal, including using the remarkable solid 100% Perfect-Surface Silver (PSS) for its signal conductors.


All of AudioQuest’s Made for iPod USB digital interconnects are available now in lengths from 0.7 meters to 5 meters. Prices start with Forest at $29/0.75m ($35/1.5m), and culminate with Diamond at $549/0.75M ($695/1.5m).


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Shane Buettner
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